1. ClickFunnels integration requires Chatwing Advanced Service, simply click "Upgrade" from your Chatwing chatbox dashboard to activate.
  2. In Chatwing Dashboard: Activate Chatwing SSL feature under "Chatbox"-> "General Options" -> "Enable SSL"-> "Save"
  3. In the Chatwing Dashboard, customize your Chatwing chatbox and click "Use Chatbox" and under "Embedded Options" select the size of your chatbox and copy the iFrame HTML code
  4. Paste your Chatwing iFrame HTML in a custom HTML block inside Click Funnel:
    Click Funnels Steps:
  5. First Add A New Section: You can add a new section by either clicking Add New Section on the page, or going into the Sections tab on the right side toolbar and clicking Add New Section.
  6. Next Add Row and Container: Once you have a Section, you will need to add a Row and Container. The container allows you to separate elements across a single row with different widths.
  7. Add The Custome HTML Element: Once you have the Row and Container, you will be able to add the element. Click Add Element and choose Custom HTML.
  8. Set Up Your Custom HTML: The next step is to set up your Custom HTML by pasting or writing your code into the settings box for the element.
    • Element Name -- Add your a name to your element.
    • Element ID -- Add a unique ID for your element.
    • Margin Top -- Add some space on the top of your element.
    • Custom HTML -- Write or paste your custom HTML in this box.
  9. Congratulations, you now have set up Chatwing inside your Clickfunnels page.