1. Installation
    • Download the plugin from https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bynoev_duIs5ckNaV2JwQ2MyMW8
    • Log in into Joomla Administrator
    • Go to Extensions => Extension manager => Install
    • Click Choose file, choose the downloaded plugin file then click Upload & Install
    • Joomla will show successful message if the installation goes without any errors
    • (Optional) Chatwing package contains component and plugin. The Chatwing component is enabled automatically, but the plugin is not. You can enable the plugin by navigating to Extensions => Plugin Manager, then search for "Chatwing" and click on Status button to enable the plugin
  2. Configuration
    • In order to use the plugin, you have to get an access token from Chatwing website. Go to any of your chatbox, and select Use chatbox, then select to Plugins. After that, generate the access token for Joomla
    • Navigate to Components => Chatwing => Access Token and insert your token there then click Save
    • If the token is correct, then we will have a list of created chatboxes of your account shown
    • Click Options to configure the plugin
    • At the configuration page, you can set default width and height for chatbox (in pixel)
    • The plugin also provides some extra features like chatbox shortcode and JomSocial integration. To enable those features, navigate to Extensions => Plugin Manager, search for Chatwing, then go to plugin settings
  3. Add chatbox
    There are 2 ways of adding a chatbox to your page: add new menu item or use shortcode.
    • Add new chatbox using menu item
      • Navigate to Menus => Choose a menu => Add new menu item
      • For Menu Item Type, click Select and choose Chatwing => Display a chatbox
      • On tab Chatwing options you can configure some options of the chatbox
    • Add chatbox inside an article using shortcode
      If you want to put an chatbox inside an article, you can insert the shortcode below to that article. Please note that before using shortcode, you have to enable feature Chatwing shortcode of the plugin.
                  [chatwing key="40092b27-f150-4297-8737-a232cc728f79" width="640" height="480" enable_custom_login="1" custom_login_secret="SECRET_HERE"][/chatwing]
      Parameter Description
      key key of chatbox (get it from Chatwing component index)
      width Width of the chatbox
      height Height of the chatbox
      enable_custom_login Enable custom login feature. 1 - Yes, 0 - No
      custom_login_secret Secret key for custom login feature. Get this from your chatwing dashboard
  4. Extra
    If your Joomla website has installed JomSocial extension, you can make chatbox display avatar of JomSocial avatar. To do this, please do these steps:
    • Enable custom login feature of chatbox
    • Enable JomSocial integration option in Chatwing plugin settings
  5. Guide Video
    You can use this guide video: